Country Craft Trellis of Dundee

Trellis Suppliers of the Midwest

Country Craft Trellis manufactures wood products
for the landscaping and gardening industries
including trellises, growers' trellises, arbors,
bridges, plant stands and wheelbarrows.

Custom Trellis Design Services

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Country Craft offers custom trellises to fit our customers' needs.  We can provide you with a quality trellis made to your exact requirements.  Glued, stapled and made from pressure treated yellow pine our trellises are manufactured to be strong and durable.  Despite our wide range of styles and sizes occaionally there is a need for customization to fit our customers needs, therefore we offer custom trellis design. 


Our Trellises come in 5 or 6 standard sizes and we also offer more than 10 designs that can be customized to your needs.

  • Our eight inch trellis will fit inside a 4" pot.
  • The ten foot trellis design will espalier a fruit tree.

Country Craft can accommodate just about any shape or size of trellis to fit the individual needs of your nursery or greenhouse.

If you would like more information on custom trellis designs, please feel free to contact Country Craft of Dundee, Michigan by calling our toll free number at (800) 949-5551.




Contact Us

Country Craft
612 East Main Street
Dundee, Michigan 48131
Phone: (800) 949-5551

 Currently our 800 number is experiencing problems in some areas.  Please use the following number if you are having problems trying to reach us.

Phone: (734) 529-5455
Fax: (734) 529-3934